Message From The President

Aims of SAERA

To promote research and academic collaboration, link research policy, theory and practice, encourage the promotion of research quality, and help develop the next generation of researchers.

To establish a cohesive, coherent and inclusive education academic and research identity. The aim is to establish vigorous and responsive epistemic communities and provide us with a vehicle to continue vigorous intellectual and research collaboration.

To promote interaction with national and provincial education departments, research organisations such as policy units and the NRF.

To establish links with international educational research organisations and similar organisations in Southern Africa and the African content.


Become a member of SAERA and be part of a dynamic organisation of education researchers.


Dear SAERA Members

Thank you for your interest in the South African Education Research Association.  As we all know, education in South Africa (and beyond) faces complex challenges.  Addressing these challenges requires, amongst other factors, deep thinkers, rigorous research and committed practitioners.  As a national educational research association, SAERA hopes to play its role here, through providing a forum where the interests of South African education can be critically engaged with. This is done through workshops, public platforms, policy engagements, and international linkages.

Our main activity for each year is our annual conference, normally held at the end of October. The conference has over the years been a space of vibrant debate, where colleagues from across the country can share their work in the public domain.  These contributions take the form of individual papers, symposia, keynote addresses and panel discussions. Central to these activities are our Special Interest Groups (SIGs), where academics cohere around common themes of interest.  You can read more about these SIGs on this webpage.

A key goal of SAERA is to build the next generation of educational researchers and a member of the executive represents early career researchers.  Look out for the special sessions aimed at early career researchers at the conference and during the year or join the dedicated Facebook group.

We encourage you to actively participate in the activities of SAERA and to take leadership in promoting the agenda and objectives of SAERA through activities that you can initiate or participate in through and outside the forums of SAERA.

With best wishes

Maureen Robinson

SAERA President