Curriculum Studies

Curriculum as one of the central components of the education system, both of school education and higher education, has often been integrated into the general discourse of Education in South Africa, while globally, the advancement of Curriculum as a field of inquiry has grown exponentially.  The discourses on Curriculum in South Africa have largely been related to the context of educational transformation, responsive and progressive education and policy terrain, yet globally Curriculum Inquiry has transcended the instrumentality of curriculum. The opportunity to go beyond this instrumentality of curriculum in South Africa will open up spaces to imagine possibilities for our context.  Hence, the Curriculum Studies SIG of SAERA is a home to advance curriculum thinking. The intention, therefore, is to advance Curriculum Inquiry in South Africa, taking on an African philosophical approach, to advance the philosophy, theory and praxis associated with the field of Curriculum Inquiry.

Pursuant to this intention, the Curriculum Studies SIG of SAERA endeavours to harness scholarship in Curriculum Studies, to recognise and promote advancement in inquiry, thinking and theorising in the discipline through research, collaborative engagements, seminars, conferences and publications, and to build a formidable group of Curriculum scholars within South Africa.  The Curriculum Studies SIG, therefore, encourages Curriculum scholars to become members of this SIG and to develop a critical mass to build Curriculum Studies as a discipline within South Africa and indeed, globally.

To join the SIG or for more information, contact the coordinator:

Prof. Petro Du Preez
North-West University