Assessment & Testing

The effective use of assessment for addressing the learning needs of all students and learners, especially those from poor and marginalised backgrounds, has been an ongoing challenge that has yet to be adequately addressed. Within this context, the primary purpose of the SIG is to enhance the expertise and experience of educators, teacher educators, policy makers, researchers and scholars in the use of assessment evidence for addressing the challenge of quality and equity in schools and universities.

To achieve this, the SIG serves as a forum to:

  • Enhance  collaboration among all key actors for conducting quality research in the area of assessment and testing;
  • Support the sharing and improvement of capacity and skills among interested actors; and
  • Contribute to the development of the next generation of researchers and and scholars.


We welcome all members of SAERA to participate in the development of the Assessment and Testing SIG and support our efforts for improving learning for all in our schools and universities.

To join the SIG or for more information, contact the coordinator:

Prof. Anil Kanjee
Tshwane University of Technology