To Professionalise, Cohere And Improve Educational Research & Academic Work In South Africa.

The South African Education Research Association’s (SAERA) main aim is to professionalise, cohere and improve educational research and academic work in South Africa. It is open to all scholars of education.

SAERA has the following aims:

• To promote research and academic collaboration, link research policy, theory and practice, encourage the promotion of research quality, and help develop the next generation of researchers.

• To establish a cohesive, coherent and inclusive education academic and research identity. The aim is to establish vigorous and responsive epistemic communities and provide us with a vehicle to continue vigorous intellectual and research collaboration.

• To promote interaction with national and provincial education departments, research organisations such as policy units and the NRF.

• To establish links with international educational research organisations and similar organisations in Southern Africa and the African content.

SAERA was established at a launch conference in the North West province at the end of January 2013. SAERA’s launch represents a historic attempt to bring together education academics and researchers from all over South Africa into a unified educational research organization. SAERA’s establishment follows three years of extensive consultation between a broad range of educational academic organisations with the intent of bringing together academics from different organisations, with their roots in the racialised academic traditions of the pre – democracy period.

The establishment of SAERA is an important moment which provides an opportunity for an umbrella body to bring together different research traditions and the launch conference represented “history in the making”.

SAERA’s activities include hosting an annual conference, establishing special interest groups in education (SIGS), focus on capacity development and in particular in terms of building the next generation of scholars and focus on the relevance of the global experience to local needs.


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