Journal of Education migrating to the SABINET on-line platform

The Journal of Education is MIGRATING to a new on-line platform

Dear subscribers, contributors, reviewers, Board members, Editorial Team members, SAERA membership and the general academic community
Greetings to you all

The editorial team of the Journal of Education in consultation with the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) library, the original host of the Journal, will migrate its online platform journal management from the current one to a new on-line platform managed by Sabinet.

The shift was necessary because: strong administrative support is provided by Sabinet; consistent and timely upgrades on the on-line platform and support by UKZN for hosting journals located within its institution. The journal remains the periodical of SAERA.

All new submissions must now be made through the above portal.

During the transition we will be managing a dual submission platform for the manuscripts that have already been submitted to the Journal of Education. All new submissions from 01 March 2024 be made through the above Sabinet submission platform.

We look forward to your continued support to the Journal of Education.

On behalf of the Editorial Team
Prof Labby Ramrathan