Special Issue of the Journal of Education – The complexity of learning to teach

Guest editors: Maureen Robinson, Lee Rusznyak, Melanie Luckay, Heloise Sathorar

Much of the policy discourse on teacher education in South Africa today is informed by ‘size and shape’ concerns such as teacher supply and demand, graduation and attrition rates, or the need for teachers in particular subjects. What is often lacking, however, is a deep analysis and understanding of the complexity of learning to teach, and an account of how teacher educators engage with this complexity in their own pedagogical practice. How, for example, can teacher educators prepare student teachers to be responsive to varying contextual demands, ethical imperatives, diverse learning needs of learners, new modes of delivery, specific professional expectations, transformation priorities, amongst others?

The editors invite submissions that respond to the above question. We are particularly interested in conceptual debates, empirical research, theoretical explorations, and innovative practices that illustrate the deliberations of teacher educators as they work with and within this complexity.

In particular, we seek contributions that address the following key questions:

• How do we understand knowledge for teaching in our South African context?
• What social and/or educational imperatives drive the curriculum design and pedagogical choices of teacher educators?
• What philosophies of teacher education are present in the Global South, and how do these inform approaches to teacher education?
• How do local debates and scholarship on teacher education contribute to international discourses?
• What are the dilemmas of curriculum design in teacher education, and how do teacher educators position themselves within these dilemmas?
• How do student teachers integrate the different components of their teacher preparation in their observations, thinking and practice?

Submission Process

Submission of full papers (maximum 8 000 words, including references) should be made on the Journal of Education website (https://journals.ukzn.ac.za/index.php/joe). The referencing style is APA7th.

In the “Comment to Editor”, please indicate that this submission is for the Initial Teacher Education SIG Special Issue. We also request authors to register as a reviewer as you may be requested to review other submissions. Please indicate your areas of expertise.

Papers selected by the editorial committee for review will be subjected to a doubleblind review, so author names and publications must not appear in the submission document. Please see: http://joe.ukzn.ac.za/notes.aspx for submission guidelines and article processing charges.

The Special Issue is scheduled for publication in March 2023.


▪ Submission of full papers – 31 July 2022
▪ Review process: 1 August – 30 November 2022
▪ Revisions to articles completed by 30 January 2023
▪ February-March 2023– copy-editing, proofreading and typesetting

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Administrative queries must be sent to Rosemarie Milburn at rose@saera.co.za

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