Colloquium Pedagogies on a Damaged Planet & Deleuze Workshop

Colloquium Pedagogies on a Damaged Planet: 21 – 23 September
Deleuze Workshop: 24 – 25 September

Dear Colleagues

This colloquium is an open invitation to experiment and explore how education can be done differently – from early childhood to university education. In particular, we have invited presenters of the colloquium Pedagogies on a Damaged Planet to engage delegates in pedagogies that reject humans’ claim to exceptionalism and the epistemic arrogance of locating knowledge, intelligence and meaning-making in the subject and only in the human subject.

Keynote presentations will be explored by using the community of enquiry pedagogy. We will explore, for example, the question ‘What decolonising difference would it make for the environment if we would teach posthuman(e)ly in all phases of education?’ and of course other questions raised by participants.

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Programme for Conference