Teaching and Learning in a time of Social Distancing – what do TVET colleges need to ensure learner success?

23 Oct, 2020 12:00 pm
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TVET colleges have been resilient in spite of 25 years of change at every level that have impacted systems, structures, curricula and so on. The Covid 19 pandemic has affected education and training across the world, and has not yet peaked in South Africa, meaning that its effects will be with us for some time to come. Social distancing and stringent personal hygiene are but two of the visible implications for our society. Education institutions are being exhorted to ‘leave no student behind’, and to ‘save the academic year’. But what does this mean for how TVET college lecturers should teach and how college students should learn, and what pedagogies and practices can be sustained to ensure learner success? In this webinar we deliberate on what vocational teaching and learning of the future might look like, and what this means for lecturers and learners alike.


Prof Joy Papier, Director, Institute for Post-School Studies (IPSS) at University of Western Cape, SARCHi Chair: TVET studies


Dr Sophia Matenda, Post-doctoral Fellow, Institute of Post-School Studies (IPSS) at the University of the Western Cape Dr Seamus Needham, Senior Lecturer/Projects Manager: Grants in the Institute for Post-School Studies (IPSS) at the University of the Western Cape

Date: Friday 23 October
Time: 12h00 – 13h30
Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/95653114635?pwd=eWxHV3VNcGZFck84Mno3Z29CaGQzdz09

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