Latest Issue of the Journal of Education Now Available

Dear Members of the South African Education Research Association,

We are happy to announce the release of the newest issue of the Journal of Education, accessible for your perusal at the following URL:

This particular issue of the Journal of Education brings a spotlight to both basic and higher education, with a distinctive focus on pedagogy and assessments. The array of articles within this publication significantly contributes to the ongoing conversation surrounding quality education. Whether by offering pedagogical insights or examining the integration of technology to enrich teaching and learning experiences, the diverse range of perspectives presented in these nine articles and a thought-provoking book review captures the essence of experiences, innovations, and reflections on teaching, learning, assessment, and support for learners/students across school and higher education levels.

We invite you to explore the pages of this latest issue and engage with the knowledge and expertise shared by our contributors. Their research and reflections shed light on current challenges and opportunities in education and the pursuit of fostering excellence in teaching and learning.

To access the newly released issue simply click on the link: Journal of Education – Current Issue.

We trust that this latest issue of the Journal of Education will be a source of inspiration and knowledge for all.