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The SAERA Medal of Honour award may be made annually to an individual or research entity for an outstanding contribution to educational research in South Africa.

1. Criteria for SAERA Research Honours award

1.1 The individual/entity has contributed to the development of education research in South Africa over a sustained period of time or has made an exceptional contribution through a specific output.

1.2 This contribution can be in the form of research outputs (e.g.sustained, excellent post-graduate supervision; journal articles and book chapters; edited and sole authored books) and/or through service to education research (e.g. role in South African research associations; research innovation/management positions).

2. Eligibility

2.1 The nominee should be a South African citizen/permanent resident. If an entity is nominated, it should be registered in South Africa.

3. Process of nomination

3.1 Any SAERA member may nominate an individual/entity for the award.

3.2 The following documents should be submitted to az.oc.areas@esor by 30 June 2018:

  1. A completed nomination form signed by the nominator and nominee.
  2. A nominator’s statement of 1000 words maximum in support of the nomination. The statement should clearly indicate how the nominee has contributed to the development of education research in South Africa.
  3. Supporting documents may be attached to validate the statement if wished.

4. Evaluation process

The evaluation panel will comprise 2 executive members of SAERA, plus two members nominated by the evaluation panel.  Their recommendation will be approved by the full executive of SAERA.

5. Award

The SAERA Research Honours award will be presented at the annual conference in the form of a framed certificate. The recipient will be sponsored for registration of the conference and will thus receive SAERA membership for the coming year. The recipient will be expected to present an overview of their work at the conference.

Call for SAERA Honours Award 2018
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